Spare me your sermon

All these notions,
these creeds and dogmas,
are only causing mixed emotions.
You pray to one,
and I the other,
regardless of whether you are my brother.
Each is given his own free will;
I won’t accept what you instill.
Spare me your thought and good intention.
That really is quite enough intervention.

Spare me your sermon

A perfect way to remain happy despite the turmoil

We hate to love. We fight to make amends. We kill to preserve life.
We meet the end to commence a new beginning. We listen respectfully in order that we may speak with wisdom.

Every effect has a cause and also vise versa.

Everything in the world can be counterweighted to bring about balance. If you are hurt, give kindness. If someone hates you, love them with sincerity. By achieving this, you will have won the world.

For every negative outcome, for every negative action, react in a positively opposite manner. This will not fail.


A perfect way to remain happy despite the turmoil